this time with those you love is so important

maternity. seniors. family. couples. weddings.

Here at Chandi Stewart Photography we do it ALL, but we specialize in the more intimate stuff. You know.. those raw moments that come & go - frozen in time for yours to keep forever. Ready to be put up on the walls of your forever homes & in your scrapbooks for generations to come to cherish and to love. I am an emotional storyteller, capturing raw moments & creating memories. Lets spend some time together & create some magic!

The days are long but the memories we make with them are fleeting. Don't let these moments slip away. Your mind can get blurry with time. Yet your photos will always be there, carrying your most precious moments in life.

What I do



These sessions embody everything a Mother is & everything she will become to be. These sessions are to celebrate YOU, mama!



These sessions are curated to capture your family in their natural form, to freeze these fleeting moments, the features, that will continue to change and that you will never get back. Frozen forever to hang on the walls of your forever home!



I capture High Schoolers in the most important timeframe of their lives thus far! Tapping into what makes them THEM as they venture out into this big crazy world.



Capturing the days we all have dreamed of since a little one! I'd love to tag along, message me and we can get together on how to make it happen!